Stab-in heaters

Stab-in heaters are designed to fit into existing duct work. These are also more cost effective and very easy to install and replace.

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Please email drawing to for pricing and delivery.


Our control box is a standard size, however you may have our controller fitted directly to the stab-in but dimension F will have to be a minimum of 120mm. We can also supply contactor, MCB and terminals for control of larger fans. Please advise AAH Products of the size of fan you wish to run, eg on an Air Handling Unit (AHU).

We can also work with your drawings.

The proportions of the printable drawing may differ from those on the heater you require, so please fill in the sizes in order that we can meet your requirements.

Tolerances: +/-2mm.

We allow 170mm width for the control box in order to give air space for the heatsink. This will be for Air Handling Unit doors, etc.

We form our elements 30 to 50mm short of duct width A as standard. Please use the special requirements box for anything you wish to add.

Please Contact us with any queries.

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Stab-in heater

A Stab-in heater